Vintage Rugs: Semikah Textiles

I will forever have a soft spot for vintage rugs. But at one point in time and perhaps in a near future they will all be collected and sold. They will be gone. It has been harder to and harder to find the special ones that stand out from the usual. Here are a couple we have loved and used over the years. This is my favorite source.


Wilmette Livingroom


Adam St Loft


Wilmette Family Room

Bucktown Modern

Vintage Bohemian Stair Runner

Author: Sydney Piwowar

Photo by  Justin Coit

Photo by Justin Coit

We all fell involve with Hillary Duff’s Boho approved stair runner when Better Home and Gardens published her remodel. The witty take on a traditional element of design makes the space feel lively and brings a sense of much needed character. Her runner consists of 3 rugs, cut down and tailored into one. This concept is so simple you could do it with any rug! Whether its your grandma’s Persian rug you cant bare to get rid of, your your most recent Etsy find, you can easily have this bright, eclectic look. I have pulled a few of my favorite runners out there there right now to help you envision this in your space!

While Duff’s Pink aesthetic might be for everyone, we think this approach could be done in a variety of colors to bring the life back into space. See these unique colors below.

Favorite Chairish Picks

I surely hope you have discovered Chairish, the fabulous curated vintage marketplace from vendors across the country. Think of 1st Dibbs meets Etsy, which is a happy mix of vintage retailers and every day individuals that have an amazing piece to sell.  It's a great place to find an original pieces to introduce in a unique element in to your to space to make it that much more personalized. 

It also can be a huge time saver, not having to drive around to all the local places that may be a big miss depending on the current inventory. The only draw back is you have to pull the trigger fast on finds from Chairish because they sell out quick. 

Here is my current favorite round up that would be great for a modern living room.

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