Top 5 Media Consoles you NEED and WANT

Author: Sydney Piwowar

Now-a-days media consoles are mostly about aesthetics as most people no longer use DVDs and VHS players have gone extinct. There are still some needs for storage though as the modern family probably hides video and board games here. We have created a "Best Of" list according to 5 categories - including closed storage, open storage, bar storage, vintage charm, and funky flare. See our top 5 list below. 

Best of Closed Storage

Brooks Cradenza by Croft House

Photo By  Croft House

Photo By Croft House

Best of Open Storage

Thea Media Console by Burke Decor


Best of Bar Storage 

Guell Bar Cabinet by Baxter

Photos By  Baxter

Photos By Baxter

Best of Vintage Charm

Porthole Console by Bobo Intriguing Objects


Best of Funky

Plissé by Baxter