Best Counter and Bar Stools

Author: Sydney Piwowar

The perfect bar or counter stool requires a balance of aesthetic, lumbar support, and seat comfort. We have curated a few of our favorites below that we believe contain that perfect harmony. 

1. Phase Design - The Bride's Veil Stool 

Product of  Phase Design

Product of Phase Design

2. Gabriel Scott - Bardot Stool

Photo by  Gabriel Scott

Photo by Gabriel Scott

3. Palecek - Pratt Stool 

Photo by  Palecek

Photo by Palecek

4. Lawson - Fenning - Elysian Barstool

Photo By Lawson - Fenning 

Photo By Lawson - Fenning 

5. Interlude Home - Darcy Stool

Photo By Interlude Home

Photo By Interlude Home

A backless stool allows for cleaner, more streamlined views as you can tuck it fully under a table or counter. This is perfect for spaces where you don't want to overcrowd the room visually. Here are a couple of our favorites!

1. Interlude Home - Colton Adjustable Stool

Photo by Interlude Home

Photo by Interlude Home

2. Mr. Brown - Lorca Counter Stool

Photo by  Mr.Brown

Photo by Mr.Brown

3. Noir - Diora Brass Stool

Photo By  Noir

Photo By Noir

4. Lawson Fenning - Orsini Stool