Boho Office Make Over

I think we all dream of a sun filled room, a "clear of clutter" desk to set the stage for a productive day. I recently wrapped this office redo for a wonderful client on the North Shore. She is the best kind- open to my ideas, loves what I pitch and willing to take little risk. This partnership has garnered the best results because she trusts me and therefore then gets the best work from me. The creative juices flow freely and she gets to reap the benefits because she was able to give up a bit of control. Miss J, hats off to you! 

We carved this office out of a room formally overcome by HVAC. The window and cove ceiling is original and was simply lost in a tangle of ugly pipes. We reconfigured the HVAC system to fit under the new built in bench and shelves.  I, sadly, do not have before pictures so you can not truly appreciate the make over. Below are links to a couple key sources. Enjoy!


Jen Talbot Design Boho Office

1. Semi flush light, Cedar & Moss. 2. Black and brass fan, Target 3. Desk Sconce, Cedar & Moss 4. Desk Chair, CB2 4. Indian Boho Rug, Semikah Textiles