Principal + Creative Director | Jen Talbot

Associate Designer | Sydney Piwowar





Jen Talbot is the Principal of Jen Talbot Design, a full service design firm with a focus on Residential + Commercial Design. Entering the design world unconventionally, Talbot holds a MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Prior to founding Jen Talbot Design in 2011, she spent the early years of her career as a practicing installation artist, an avid traveler and product designer. She started designing space out of necessity, creating and developing the look and feel of a room to intersect with the large scale art installations she was creating for clients such as Boeing, Renaissance Hotel, Western Union, Drifire, designer Kara Mann, Stuart Weitzman’s daughter and VP of Kate Spade. Her trained eye as an installation artist, allows her to see each interior space with an unique perspective and have an innate understanding of spacial relationships and material combinations.



Jen’s art training and love for unique combinations gives her a design perspective that allows her to blend old + new, modern + vintage to create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing environment. Jen works tirelessly for her client’s to ensure a design that is cohesive, personal and thoughtfully crafted, bringing to life the space they imagined. Jen believes that whether it be a residential or commercial space, it should speak to and reflect the client naturally. 




Like many artists, Sydney didn’t wake up one day with an epiphany of becoming a designer. It was something that she was born with. Sydney’s love for design started at the young age of five when she built her first home…out of Legos. It wasn’t exactly to scale, but it was a start. 

Since then, Sydney completed a BFA in Interior Architecture - educated in both the structural integrity of buildings and the amazing things that fill them. She entered the design world in 2011 and has since then designed everything from large corporate interiors to adaptive reuse and residential design. Her passion is in getting to know the culture and personality of every client to ensure their space reflects them.